2017 Oregon Splitfest

When you sign up for Oregon Splitfest, you’re committing yourself to hauling 3 days worth of overnight gear, avalanche safety equipment, and your snowboard gear uphill roughly 3 miles and 2,000 vertical feet to reach the Tilly Janes A-frame. Sometimes there is snow the entire way, sometimes there isn’t, usually there isn’t. Either way, roughly 30-40 people each year head up in support of the Tilly Jane restoration project and to spend the weekend with friends or strangers who love snowboarding.


(Joe Kromer, Julie Murrell and Jay Swain skinning up to Tilly Jane)

Tilly Jane, a historic campground with roots in early 1900’s mountaineering, sits on the Northside of Mt. Hood. From this staging area, you have access to an endless amount of terrain and missions. From wide open snowfields to crevasse filled 60 degree slopes, the northside has it all. During Splitfest, people usually join friends or strangers within their skill levels and head out to enjoy the snow.

(Joe Kromer, Julie Murrell and Jay Swain snowboarding down from the stone shelter)

During Splitfest, besides touring there is a handful of “competitions”. They usually include gully races, blindfolded transitions and backwards skinning races. This years was even more challenging as the races took place at dusk with headlamps and frozen conditions. Winners receive prizes from the countless amount of awesome companies who support the event.

(Joe Kromer – 1st gully race, Monique Leslie – 1st woman’s gully race, Cory Betzel – 1st backwords skinning race)

Each year a ton of amazing companies support the Oregon Splitfest. The annual raffle helps provide donations to the Tilly Jane restoration project, which is currently raising $213,000 to restore the A-frame. This year’s Splitfest raised $1,100. Sponsors included @adidassnowboarding @bigagnes_ @trewgear @kindsnacks @choadcheesewax @dakine @rerack @nextadventure @sparkrandd